Happy Solstice! Love to All, including BATS

Happy Solstice! Full Yang BIG Beautiful SUN…Swing of Yin (another Day)

Happy Solstice, Praise to Amazing, Super Cool Super BATS!!! We need bats!!! Not pesticides, allow nature’s balance and love bats:)

From Mercola, check out the full article from link:

 Demonized for COVID-19, yet They’re Food Superheroes

“Story at-a-glance

  • Bats are ecological superheroes. They feed on agricultural pests and pollinate many popular food crops including bananas, cacao, mangos, peaches and figs
  • Did you know that without bats, we wouldn’t have tequila? Bats pollinate agave, the primary ingredient in tequila, which blooms at night in the Desert Southwest
  • “Bats — Unsung Heroes” highlights several hotspots for bats, including the South Congress bridge in Austin, Texas, and Bracken Cave, near San Antonio, Texas
  • About 20 million bats live in Bracken Cave. Each night they eat 147 tons of insects, most of which are agricultural pests
  • Bats save farmers in the U.S. up to $53 billion per year”


From Bat Conservation International- so Wonderful!

Bat Houses


Please Note: The bat house shown in this video is a display model; a real bat house should never be this small!




Balance, nature, light, dark, PEACE to all.

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