“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.”

 – Dalai Lama

Precious Birds

Have you noticed how amazing birds are? What a wonderful time of year to listen to bird songs. I love watching birds eat at the feeders, drink and bathe in birdbath, and singing to each other.

Unfortunately, our precious feathered friends are being wiped off the planet.

3 BILLION have vanished!!! From the Natural Conservancy:

“But the sobering reality is: we’ve lost a staggering 3 billion birds since 1970 — and that’s why keen observations from citizen scientists like yourself are crucial for the future of conservation. Like Meredith B. in Maryland, who saw a Baltimore oriole in her yard, or Alice M. in Ohio who spotted a rose-breasted grosbeak at her feeder — your reports provide valuable insights on the natural world we are working so hard to protect together.

With so many species at risk, your continued support is essential. Make a special donation to help protect migratory birds and their habitat today and any amount you contribute right now will be triple matched — up to a total of $15,000.

As a Nature Conservancy member, you are a critical partner in our work fighting climate change and habitat loss, two of the main drivers in birds’ drastic decline. With your support, The Nature Conservancy developed the award-winning Site Wind Right tool — an interactive map that uses the best available science to build wind energy without destroying vital habitat for birds and other wildlife.

This is just one example of how you are helping accelerate the transition to a clean energy future and protect the birds that call these fragile ecosystems home. But we can’t continue our important work safeguarding vulnerable species without support from caring people like you.

You can do even more to help nature when you donate today. Every dollar you give right now will have 3x the impact thanks to this special limited-time matching gift.

…our birds “give us hope and inspiration, and they bring us comfort in these uncertain times.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Our planet, our health, our future depends on bio & eco diversity. Our actions make a huge impact on our environment. With “stay at home” decrees, the air is cleaner, plants and animals are coming forward.

How are you changing your actions to continue healing our planet? Walk more? Drive less? Share, Reuse? Consume less? Organic produce? Farmer’s market? Earth friendly, biodegradable products? Bird Feeders with clean feed? Bird baths? Donating to environmental charities?

If you want to give go to   The Nature Conservancy nature.org

Thank you:)


Please take the link to the video- Worth it!!! From David Perlmutter MD:

As this video makes clear, “It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us and there’s them.”

TV 2 | All That We Share

“The ability to participate in the viewpoint of another person is called cognitive empathy. Now, cognitive empathy in no way implies subscribing to another person’s ideas or beliefs, it simply means the ability to try on another person’s framework and experience how it feels.

Cognitive empathy is enhanced when there is opportunity for respectful social interaction that brings to the agora participants with diverse opinions. The actual brain anatomy that facilitates cognitive empathy is the prefrontal cortex, an area that becomes less accessible when challenged by stress, lack of restorative sleep, lack of nature exposure, and inflammation (hallmarks of disconnection syndrome). As such, so many of the characteristics of our modern world threaten our ability to fully connect with those around us.

We have so much to gain by simply experiencing the viewpoints of others. Even the act of engagement itself facilitates the process of cognitive empathy moving forward. Fanning the flames of our own unique ideology by locking ourselves into highly defined and polarized social media sites, for example, tends to lock us out of this important ability to share and participate in the knowledge and viewpoints of others.

As this video makes clear, “It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us and there’s them.”

But as you’ll see, we can celebrate how in so many ways we are alike. Why not celebrate our differences as well?”

5G – The Global Human Experiment without Consent & Most Censored Topic of Our Time

From GreenMedInfo

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5G is being rolled out at an accelerated pace throughout the world, without anyone’s consent. Why is it no longer possible to ask questions or reference science on the known harms of wireless and especially 5G technology. Find out in this brand new video!
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