Reina Santiago is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. She enjoys helping clients with a wide variety of medical and health concerns including helping relieve pain, enhancing vitality and overall wellness. Her practice also involves helping clients prepare for and recover from dental work, surgeries, and life’s adventures.

She earned her BS in psychology from the University of Illinois, and her MS in Educational Psychology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale ( SIUC). As a graduate assistant, she worked in SIUC’s Wellness Center. Within the university population, the coexistence of complex stress and health issues lead her to look for a more holistic approach to helping people.  Chinese Medical theory’s inclusion of mental, emotional and spiritual qualities to organ systems and tissues expression was the answer. The summer before finishing at SIUC, she completed a Shiatsu course at New Mexico Academy for Healing Arts. This enabled her to work as an acupuncture assistant while finishing her counseling degree.

From Illinois, Reina came to New Mexico to study Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC). By great fortune, for 2 years she lived in the guest house of her incredible Japanese acupuncture teacher, Dr. Ted Hall. His weekly treatments and discussions immeasurably expanded her education. In addition to Japanese specialty clinics, she treated in off site oncology and foster care clinics. Outside of school, she studied and earned her Reiki Level 3 Degree.  She received SWAC’s Fourth Treasure Award for academic achievement

2003 to present: Reina is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico and is nationally certified by NCCAOM as a Diplomat of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.  Education continues to enriches her practice. She completed the Barral Visceral Manipulation series in 2008. She enjoys attending seminars with Daoist Master Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. Other workshop studies have included reflexology, lymph drainage, activating stem cells with acupuncture,  and various 8 extraordinary meridian uses. With all of this, the greatest gifts and learning come daily with clients, friends,  kitties, koi, family and nature. Thanks to all☀️