Zero-Waste Lifestyle- Happy Resolutions for All

Pondering what to do for your New Year’s Resolution? No problem, start your zero-waste lifestyle now. From previous post, you know that I love going without plastic whenever possible. LOVE clean shampoo bars and conditioners(Alo Goods in Colorado, Ethique, talk with your local soap makers) cleaners from bar soaps or home supplies- melt olive or coconut bar on stove add baking soda essential oils and cleaning happens beautifully, modify and toothpaste happens:)

More in a bit- off to work.

*For now, Mercola just posted a little article: Could You Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle? on

*Also in last post,  checkout

*Ariana Palmieri  posts are fun often with good ideas and simple recipes for zero-waste on

*Be sure to check out : “How we clean the kitchen dishes | The Rogue Ginger – Zero Waste and Plastic Free lifestyle”  at

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