5G – The Global Human Experiment without Consent & Most Censored Topic of Our Time

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5G is being rolled out at an accelerated pace throughout the world, without anyone’s consent. Why is it no longer possible to ask questions or reference science on the known harms of wireless and especially 5G technology. Find out in this brand new video!
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Closed for a bit-

Yes, coronavirus is in New Mexico.

My office is closed following Governor’s ‘stay at home’ decree.

For now, practicing gratitude prayers, appreciating nature and wild essences.

Appreciating all those working for all of us- thank you for showing up and being present, Thank You!!!

Please take good care. Get lots of rest, clean water, fresh air and sunshine. Stay connected to loved ones and all in need.

Kindness, Kindness, Kindness between the spaces of other.

Be well, more when ready, and here…


Food for thought: Freedom of Thought of Action?

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Parentectomy: The State-Driven Campaign to Remove Parents’ Rights

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Eight states currently permit minors to be vaccinated without parental consent; 20 states — Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia — have made allowances for “mature minors” as young as age 12