“The instant I walk into Reina’s office I start to decompress.  Over the years she has helped so much with knee pain, back pain and digestive issues, but stress release has been extraordinary!   Just laying  on the warmed table I tune into my senses and relax.  By the time I leave I often say “I’m a wet noodle”  but ready to take on my life!!!”                  

–  Nancy, Santa Fe, NM


“I’ve worked with Dr. Santiago for approximately 3 years and she has helped me with various health issues mainly TMJ and Sciatica. I’ve seen many Acupuncturists over the years……however Dr. Santiago has been the most knowledgeable and intuitive. She spends the entire hour with you, others place needles and see a number of people in that hour. She also is familiar with other body techniques and incorporates them in her therapy. SHE IS A GEM!”

– Ellen, Eldorado, NM


“Reina is a delightfully caring, professional acupuncturist. She listens deeply; utilizing her multifaceted knowledge to skillfully determine what is beneficial from my healing with great results. Her work has been an essential complement to western medicine and a sanctuary for me for several years.”

– Rhonda, Santa Fe NM